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Camping Aveyron

Aveyron is a typical rural place in the South of France, the right place to choose for a camping trip in the countryside 

Camping Aveyron

If you want to get a sense of what typical French countryside feels like, Aveyron is probably one of the best places to start.

Unmissable rural part of southern France, Aveyron is well-known for its markets, its farms and overall agricultural activities. Its name comes up often regarding the tallest bridge in the world famous Viaduc de Millau, which you might cross if you’re traveling the area. Going on a trip there means really taking time off away from everything, taking a step back to shift your focus back on basics and the most simple fulfilling joys.

In short, your very own hiding place therefore a perfect fit for a wellness retreat.

Where to go camping in Aveyron ?  

Aveyron is quite an obvious choice when it comes to a camping trip: the area is basically made of small villages crossed by rivers, separated by wide green fields, and the very first thing you might want to do when you get there is take a deep breath: even the air is purer there, more satisfying for some -quite obvious- reason. You instantly realize your usual daily concerns are far away and they'll feel pretty insignificant all of a sudden.

It's no wonder then, you might get tempted to set up camp and spend some quality time in the countryside : with this in mind, you'll find a 3-star campsite in the small town of Brusque named the Le Sud Aveyron providing every kind of natural wonders the area has to offer. If you stay there, you’ll be camping right in the heart of the valley facing a private lake with beach-like shores, right next to the notorious grounds of regional natural park Les Grands Causses. You can bring your own tent and pick a spot or rent directly one of the on-site accommodations such as furnished canvas befitting up to 6 people. In order to let you focus only on your hiking and fishing activities, many services are available at the campsite to take care of any practical matters during your journey. Wether you're on vacation with your family, going on a week-end trip with a few friends, or enjoying a much-need couple's retreat, you’ll benefit from access to all-sports fields, pétanque area and entertaining installation such as the slackline : basically endless fun for all ages. 

Travel in Aveyron : what not to miss

In Aveyron, you’ll find your path through the pasture fields more than you’ll spend time driving on actual roads. There is a strong chance you’ll meet more cows than you will people; you can hardly find a quieter and more peaceful place in France.

That said, you won't be the least bored if you follow some easy guidelines : 

  • Nature sightseeing & outdoor activities : The Aveyron River is easily on of the prime focus point of the area which was named after it. Following this water path, you'll be impressed by the Larzac Uplands a must-see for all nature lovers. The french department provides various activities from the most basic to the most adventurous ones : discover the hot springs in Lacaune, enjoy the leisure center by the lake Laouzas, get a deeper feel of the great outdoor through hiking, fishing, nice strolls or bike rides. The boldest travelers might even really take it all in, giving bungee jumping a try at Ste Eulalie de Cernon.
  • Historical patrimony & architecture : Gallo-Roman influence is still quite palpable in Aveyron, and you'll find many places to explore historical remains. The heritage is also carried on through the many abbeys, chapels and other religious buildings : the Rodez Cathedral is definetly impressive and therefore the easy heart of the main town around. Most of the local villages also take part in the picturesque vibe, with many castles' vestiges to explore. 
  • Local culture & Cuisine : It’s no wonder the word for local food is actually the French one “Cuisine”, and Aveyron is no stranger to this wolrdwilde reputation. While it's a landmark of many regional delicacies you musn't leave this place without trying the emblematic "Aligot saucisses" : an incredible dish where mashed potatoes become magically one with the most exquisite melted cheese you've ever tasted, served with savory sausages.   

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