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Lakeside campsites in France

Your camping trip in France will reach another level by the lake 

Lakeside Campsites in France

Lake (noun) : friendly miniature beach, saviour of sunny days.

This might not be the formal definition of the term, yet, it is inherently what role lakes play in our daily lives and most importantly our time off work. As soon as the sun starts shining a little brighter and temperature nicely rises, lakeside in France becomes the place to spend summer afternoons with family, to improvise a nice getaway with friends, or a quiet refreshing time with your partner.

Lakes often offers the opportunity to practise a wide range of water sports which make these bodies of water even more endearing for your vacation time in France.

Camping by a lake for example, might be one of the greatest way to enjoy nature for a green holiday, since lakes are often surrounded with greenery and forest-like edges.

Some lakes in France really have nothing to envy from touristic beaches like the southern Lac du Salagou with its reddish orange soil, and let’s not forget about the winter fascination caused by incredible Nordic-like sceneries such as the mountainside-type famous Lac du Bourget.  

Find your ideal lakeside campsites in France

If you’re looking to get the ultimate lakeside experience during your holidays, you might want to look for a campsite nearby a lake. Your choice will inevitably be guided by climate concerns, since lakeside campsites in France might be located by the Atlantic Ocean, nearby the Mediterranean seaside or deep in the country and mountainside, each destination carrying its own appeal:  

  • Mountainside holidays : Mountain lovers, you can have your pick in France, but if you're searching for the magic time of a quiet lake you'll probably head for the Pyrénées or Savoie. Some campsite such as La Pene Blanche will host a wellness-oriented vacation while providing a close by access to Lake Génos-Loudenvielle; the most playful time awaits kids and grown-ups there, thanks to the thrilling water slides, swinging ropes and pedalboats rides. And when you want to take a little break from the water-provided fun, you may be tempted to gather by the surrounding trees for a nice picnic time. This particular lakeside also has a free pumptrack for an adventurous bike ride. 
  • Camping trip in the countryside : For those who wish to get a true nature experience deep in the french country, you may give a well-deserved chance to Aveyron. Campsites in the area are completly in sync with the natural setting. For example, your summer time off will be nicely spent at vacation village resort VVF Camp Le Sud Aveyron. Firstly, the french campsite offers the joys of an on-site private lake to sunbathe on deckchairs, but is also located just a few kilometers away from Lac du Laouzas, a true leisure center providing spa and massages but also typical water activities such as swimming or even fishing. 
  • Oceanside vacation : There no place really like the Atlantic coast, meeting point between ocean waves, blond beaches and pine trees. The Gironde, surfing spot area in french Aquitaine is a coveted travel destination especially for those who are seeking some fresh air through a camping time off. For this purpose, the Dune Bleue Campsite, is pratically built upon the Carcans lake; it is easily the main center of many activities and water sports from swimming and fishing to windsurfing and waterboarding but also sailing initiation, and much more nautical experiences. 

 Ready for your next stay in a lakeside campsite in France? Jump in ! 

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