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Nature Camping

Travel back to the joys of wildlife

Nature Camping

Nowadays, it’s very easy to fall completely out of touch with Nature. Most of us are surrounded by city buildings and advanced technology, and while we may enjoy the sort of gratification it brings us, we’re still lacking some green essentials. We’re basically all feeling “nature-sick”, craving some fresh air and lacking the freedom brought upon by wide open spaces: the true benefits of the great outdoor. That’s why as far as vacation is concerned, we’re more and more tempted to just unplug and get back to Mother Earth, to reduce the distance that grows daily between us and our natural habitat.

To fully enjoy Nature, camping is certainly one the most epic and genuine adventure you might get, and you’ll be thankful you did, right from the first night staring at the stars in the deep quiet of the open air. More than just a new trend, most of us get simply more out of a camping or a backpacking trip those days, than we do buying modern comfort and material belongings. 

Best reasons to plan a nature camping trip right now

  • Camping gets you closer to Nature than any other kind of holidays: Camping is a very sure way to attempt a digital detox and get back to basics, to get a reminder of what life meant before any civilization lured us to our sedentary living habits, and focus back on what’s genuinely important: get a good night sleep, eat to be energized, drink fresh water, have simple fun. Surely, we don’t have to live in such a simplistic way all year round, but holidays might be the perfect time to give the experience a go, and get some new perspective to fully appreciate everything we’ve got, and maybe get a few tips on how to live more fully once we’re back home.
  • Camping is family-friendly, it’s a strong bonding experience: Nevertheless, we do require more than just attending to our bodily needs, and camping in Nature will also provide an incredible chance to get closer to your loved ones, through the power of a more genuine way of life. Away from cellphones and constant media solicitation, family and friends might find that camping in the great outdoor will make everyone feel closer, whether you’re staying in a tent or renting a cute and equipped accommodation in Nature.
  • Camping is cheap: Last but not least, camping is a minimalistic way to travel which is evidently more budget-friendly than any luxury hotels and expensive resorts. Camping is a true bargain : to travel for less and get an actual experience without overspending on what’s not deeply essential to your wellbeing.


Where to go nature camping in France?

Thanks to its rich natural setting, France has many campsites that will provide a truly unique nature camping experience to its guests.

For winter vacation, you might want to consider a ski trip in the Pyrenees at La Pene Blanche, a 5-star campsite to slide on the snowy mountains between two cups of hot chocolate, or to go snowshoeing in the valley to find an almost frozen lake in a hollow. Mountainside is a naturally vibrant holiday scenery in Ax-Les-Thermes as well, a town located in the Ariege area, where you can rent a typical wooden cabin at Le Malazeou for example, to properly take in the stunning view and let the fresh air clear your mind.

For a summer-camp kind of trip, families will probably favor the South of France and make a stop by La Dune Bleue an eco-friendly campsite resort by the Atlantic Ocean where you can experience the power of the beautifully diversified environment from the oceanic beaches to the green pine forests. France is also famous for its seaside on the Mediterranean shore, and you’ll find your very own sunny spot to travel to at VVF Summer Camp Le Clos des Cigales. But if you feel like having a taste of the green and bucolic power of Nature, you’ll flip over Aveyron, a typical rural french area in the heart of the country where you can spend your time off visiting farms, walking along rivers, or hiking parks and forests.


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