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Wellness Holidays

Take advantage of your downtime : make everything better with a wellness-oriented vacation 

Wellness Holidays

There’s no time like vacation: you’re finally free to spend your days as you please, away from your burdening usual everyday life. The joy of being off work is quite common, but how come holiday is such a meaningful part of our lives? If you consider it, you might realize that it's more than just a period of time where you simply don’t have to work, and get the luxury of doing absolutely nothing - surely, the laziness is enjoyable for a while but at some point, we all feel the compelling need to leave the couch.

The truth is we require more nurturing than just rest. Vacation is the time to feel more alive than ever, to get in the best physical and mental shape in order to enjoy a new quality of life. As a human being we need many more ways to achieve fulfillment than just a simple time off. While we essentially benefit from those downtimes, napping and watching TV all day, we also crave for balance, combining activity and mindfulness, even when we’re not actually aware of it.  

Whether you already practise the healthiest lifestyle, or want to use your time off work to reboot and detox, a wellness vacation might just be what the doctor ordered.

Wellness: how to?

A few holidays pointers.

We’re all searching for happiness. Ultimately, we all just want to feel “good”. Such a simple concept, yet we often mistake what this “feeling good” actually takes, and how to obtain it turns into a holy grail-like chase. Sometimes we just don’t know what will actually work, what is inherently best for us: until we actually just give it a go.

  • The spiritual retreat: getting in touch with your inner self is just as important as to care for any physical pains  or discomfort you might experience. We think of personal hygiene as a rule in our daily routines quite stricltly when it comes to the body - most people would not think of skipping showering, brushing their teeth, yet most of us disregard our mental health like it’s no big deal pretty much everyday. Through mindfulness, meditation and yoga, a spiritual retreat can restore the balance and teach some efficient ways to care for the inside as well as the outside, because why would we be so disciplined about the one while completely ignoring the other.
  • Sports & activity: Moving around is THE approved way to feel more energized, to use your body for the purpose it was meant for, and to improve your general wellbeing: to achieve some essentials like better sleep, downright good shape, and mental discipline. Some of those simply help you improve your daily life, and your vacation might be the perfect time to get your fill of sports.
  • Spa treatment & relaxation: once the inside is taken care of, wellbeing will naturally reach the outside, and you can help the process by treating yourself to some massages, beauty care and spa treatment. Enjoying a relaxing time in the steam rooms during your holidays will be just the way to allow your inner happiness to show and shine through.
  • Healthy food: You are what you eat. We’ve all heard it, read it, let’s just say we’re all supposed to know better by now. Healthy eating habits are often mistaken as a frivolous way to be thin or to mold ourself to some beauty expectations. In fact, it’s not so much about the looks and more about improving your out-and-out wellbeing. Eating and drinking are the key basis of one’s health, it’s literally the fuel you give to your body. If you feed junk to your car, it won’t last long. The fact is that food can make or break your health. Many wellbeing-oriented resorts will provide healthy diets options, and you’ll be surprised how tasty it actually can get when done right.
  • Digital detox & rekindling with the great outdoor: All in all, your wellness holidays are most importantly the chance to get back to basics, and rekindle with Nature. Camping is one the most enjoyable way to get back to your roots, to take a step back from our much-solicited modern lives and get some much-needed perspective. There’s simply no better way to straighten up your ideas and clear your mind than escaping in the wilderness as often as you can: in France, you’ll find many campsites that provide you with such an experience.

Wellness holidays will be the way to realign mind and body in a healthy process, without the burden of working hours and the lack of time or will power that may go along with it.   

Where to spend your wellness holidays in France?

Let’s find the best place to travel to for a proper downtime: plenty of resorts in France can serve the purpose of your wellness holidays and offer an experience catered to your needs.

We’ve handpicked a few to consider:

  • Ski trip & relaxation at La Pene Blanche: This affordable yet luxurious 5-star campsite located in French Upper Pyrenees offers an incredible wellness and sports experience in the mountainside with amenities included in your stay such as Nordic and Japanese baths, an outdoor sauna, or some yoga initiation. Ideal for a ski trip in winter, or an adventurous nature-filled time by the lake in the summer, you can either stay in a fully equipped mobile home or rent a pitch for caravanning in the great outdoor. Your holidays at this French campsite in Europe will be both practical and comfortable thanks to the wide set of commodities available such as the healthy restaurant, a tremendous part of any wellness experience.
  • Winter break & Zen downtime at Le Malazeou: 4-star campsite by the French river Ariege, right next to Ax-les-Thermes, a village well-known for being an accessible ski spot in France, the Malazeou hosts your vacation in its typical mountain cabins, its comfortable mobile homes, and other pitches in a large sunny park conveying the most incredible natural setting. Free Zen activities such as yoga or breathing exercises are available on the premises, and the area will be optimal for every seasonal activity: skiing in winter, relaxation in spring and autumn, and adventurous sports to shaken up the European “farniente” by the pool in summer. 
  • Summer Camp in the countryside VVF Summer Camp Le Sud Aveyron: Welcome to a 3-star campsite in typical countryside French area the Aveyron.  This summer camp in a small bucolic village named Brusque will provide a vacation filled with hiking, fishing and biking right across a private lake with beach like edges. Kids and grown-ups will have access to sports fields and put their sense of balance to the test crossing the slackline. Among the large choice of camping accommodations, you might enjoy the experience of the Hypitipy, a family-friendly fully equipped canvas tent fitting up to 6 people.
  • Summer bliss by the volcanos with VVF Camping Haute Corrèze Eygurande : This 3-star campsite in French Auvergne will provide an incredibly charming volcanic setting for physical outdoor activities while procuring a relaxing downtime through its Zen area, fitness installations and hammam, all of which are free while you’re camping on the site.
  • Sunny activity time in South of France at VVF Summer Camp Le Clos des Cigales : Travel to the south of France and spend a sports-themed vacation at this 3-star french Campsite in Languedoc nearby the Mediterranean beaches.
  • Surfing trip on the Atlantic Coast feat. VVF Club Intense Les Plages des Landes: Welcome in the Landes, French surf paradise famous for its waves and blond beaches. If you choose to stay a while at this campsite, you’ll benefit from an easy access to the ocean, the nice and warm Atlantic coast climate delicately soften by the surrounding pine trees; the perfect spot in nature to enjoy an active trip with your loved ones.
  • Sports & Nature vacation by the ocean at La Dune Bleue: Eco-friendly 3-star campsite located by the ocean in French Gironde upon a leisure center, this destination offers an exceptional organic environment made of sandy beaches, lakeside and pine forest in a typical Atlantic coast manner. From this rich setting results lots of water and earthbound activities to enjoy with friends, your partner or family.


Your wellness holidays are the way for your travel plans to take a turn for the better.

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